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We've Uncovered A Secret 3-Step Confidence Boosting Strategy
Almost Nobody Knows About...
That has the ability to skyrocket your success faster and easier than ever before!

Attention: High Achievers, Leaders, Coaches, Business Owners, and Parents

We've Uncovered A Secret 3-Step Confidence Boosting Strategy Almost Nobody Knows About...That has the ability to skyrocket your success faster and easier than ever before!

From: Lisa Lane Brown
Calgary, Alberta

I’m inviting you to a web class on how to eliminate fear, build unshakable confidence, and achieve any goal in 30 days or less.

In just a minute I’ll tell you exactly what it will include - but just let me say here that this is not a super long 27 module course or a 318-page PDF book. It’s a short, impactful, 60-minute web class with no fluff and no filler.

Also, this material is NOT a bunch of self-help techniques like positive thinking or talk therapy or affirmations or hypnosis or NLP. It’s also not a bunch of hype.

This is a proven, simple, 3-step method that thousands of high achievers in business, career, and love have used to reach their goals and potential over the past sixteen years.

  • What if you could eliminate anxiety, depression, and stress from your life?
  • What if you could stop second-guessing yourself in important or high pressure situations?
  • What if you could stop procrastinating on your big goal and be a super committed person of action, every day? Stop hitting the snooze button and instead jump out of bed, totally pumped to get your day going?

You probably already figured out that there is only one major difference between people who reach their goals and people who do not: High achievers have a secret formula that they use to eliminate fear.

So, when they have setbacks, instead of moving on to something easier and more achievable, they persist and keep taking action. This allows them to prevail in the end.

You already know that confidence is the magic state of mind that causes success to come running into your arms.

But here’s the challenge. There’s very little information on eliminating fear that actually works! That’s why I went on a mission to crack the code, which led to the 3-step secret method to unshakable confidence.

This is exciting. It means you can learn how to eliminate fear, flood yourself with unshakable confidence, and become a person of action no matter what circumstances you face.

I discovered the root cause of fear and how to eliminate it in the most natural way possible so it’s easy to take action and achieving your goals today.

I’ve extensively tested this method with over 1,300 people in live seminars to make sure it works, and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this online web class.

    Lisa Lane Brown, M.A. Author, The Courage to Win®
    Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be discovering:

    Step 1 is to stop making the mistakes everyone makes with fear that only makes it worse. The most startling discovery I’ve ever made as a coach is that virtually everyone is programmed to make three mental mistakes with fear. When you stop making them, you will fear-proof yourself and create unshakable confidence.

    Step 2  is to solve the mystery of mild depression and mood swings. Depression can rob you of your confidence and motivation, so it’s essential that you are on guard for it.

    Step 3  is to create total focus on one goal – a goal that is so motivating and powerful and is such a reflection of who you are that you can’t wait to get up in the morning and get at it.

    The single biggest obstacle most people face is lack of focus. They are overwhelmed with pressure from others, confusion about what they want, or just fatigue. I’m going to help you create an authentic goal that cuts through all of that and gets you excited because you’re not conflicted about it at all.
    Want proof? Here are some comments from just some of my clients:
    "I’m crazy at fifty – I’m loving the Courage to Win. I feel like a kid again. What I enjoy most is the inner confidence. It makes me appreciate who I am and how great life can be."

    Rick Grafton
    President, Grafton Capital Corp 
    "My work with Courage to Win® has given me life-long skills for living a healthy, happy, successful life based on my dreams. The program has tremendous insight and compassion."

    Karen Thirlwall
    Professional Sales Consultant
    "Genuine confidence is an absolute necessity if you want to reach your potential. I’ve worked with Lisa as a personal mental toughness coach and have accessed Lisa’s talents in training teams I have coached. Lisa’s work is very effective because she delivers the training at the level the clients need…and it’s the type of training that you take with you and use on a daily basis towards success."

    Shannon Miller,
    Olympic Coach, Hockey
    Sign up for the web class now and get these four BONUSES:
    Bonus Gift  #1
    Immediate Access
    Retail value: $147
    You get immediate access to the downloadable web class
    training video – no waiting around. You can be creating
    breakthrough confidence in minutes!
    Bonus Gift  #2
    Confidence Cheat Sheets
    Retail value: $47
    These are PDF downloads that you will use to give yourself
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    a promotion, shift your business into high growth
    mode, finally reach your financial goals, live the life you
    deserve, or gain so much confidence that your
    partner is hopelessly attracted to you and your
    boss follows you around like a lovesick puppy.
    Bonus Gift  #3
    Lifetime Access
    Retail value: $47
    You also get lifetime access to the web training class and
    the cheat sheets so you can use them over
    and over in your life whenever you
    need more belief in yourself!
    Bonus Gift  #4
    Ecoaching Consult
    Retail value: $97
    An e-coaching consult where you send us your most
    pressing question about your confidence
    and get the answer completely customized to you!

    Total value: $338.00
    Who this is not for:
    This is not for anyone looking to get rich quick or people looking for superficial techniques that only pump you up temporarily.

    Who this is for:
    Leaders, coaches, parents, business owners, and high achievers from all walks of life who want to really life their best life.

    Every day that you do not get this web class is another day wasted doubting yourself when you do not have to – overanalyzing, working too hard, and keeping yourself stuck in a box because no on ever taught you how to break fear of the fears that bog us all down!

    Another day wondering why other people with half your talent and skills are blowing by you.

    Another day wondering what is missing from your approach.

    Here Is My "You've Gotta
    Be Crazy" Guarantee
    Because I want to treat you the way I wish every business treated me, I've decided to let you take a full 30 days to use the training completely risk free.

    We simply don't have anyone who asks for money back on this program In fact, as I write this, I can't recall a single case of this confidence training not working for a person who put in the effort.

    That said, if you need a refund for any reason, or no reason, you are covered for a full 30 days from the date of your order.

    Go ahead and fill out your information and let’s get you the lasting, unshakable confidence you deserve so you can start reaching your big goal right now.

    Sign up for the web class. All I ask is that you show up on time because space is limited. I am only making this offer for a short time, so get in while you can.
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    Total Value: $338.00
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